NumeroTarot (As Per Your Birth Month)

January (Lucky No.1; Lucky Card – Magician):

A magical week awaits you with happiness, success, fresh starts and peace on the cards. A temporary cash liquidity issue will be managed by you. A creative and enjoyable week ahead, especially for ladies – but stop craving attention and overreacting over small things.


February (Lucky No. 5; Lucky Card – Hierophant):

It’s a good time to start afresh, so keep aside all mental stress and move on with expert advice. Health needs attention. Don’t rush into getting things done – everything will happen at the intended moment.


March (Lucky No. 17; Lucky Card – Star):

You’re in a karmic phase – as you sow, so shall you reap. Physical healing will get accelerated. Celebration is on the cards. You will take the world in your stride once you overcome the feeling of being neglected.


April (Lucky No. 19; Lucky Card – Sun):

The month brings happiness, name, fame, prosperity and success. You need to put in a bit of hard work for success as a sunny day awaits you after a long dark night. You need to get in touch with ground realities. Travel is on the cards. Take care of your health.


May (Lucky No. 11; Lucky Card – Justice):

Your life seems balanced in most areas and emotional support will always be at hand. Speak up for yourself. Follow your intuitions. Finances will flow in. You’re advised to bathe with rock salt. Travel abroad is on the cards. Health looks good.


June (Lucky No. 10; Lucky Card – Wheel Of Fortune):

Change is permanent – don’t fight it and go with the flow. You’re blessed by feminine energies this month, so stop worrying. You will achieve success in your endeavours. Health is good. Avoid overreacting and being oversensitive. Bathe with rock salt.


July (Lucky No. 4; Lucky Card – Emperor):

This is your phase for learning and teaching, so clarify all confusions and shoulder your responsibilities. Stop feeling side-lined. Travel is on the cards and your health will be fine. An automatic balance in life will come in with angel-blessings.


August (Lucky No. 2; Lucky Card – High Priestess):

A temporary stressful and insecure phase can be worked out if you listen to your inner voice and come out of isolation. A good time for students – you will choose the right path. Stay healthy and don’t over exert. This is a juggling period but you will balance your finances. Divine energies bless you.


September (Lucky No. 8; Lucky Card – Strength):

Financially, it will be great a week. Lack of sleep will cause ill-health. Avoid unnecessary stress and arguments. Students will do well during this month. A creative and happy week lies ahead. Stay confident.


October (Lucky No. 3; Lucky Card – Empress):

Sudden travel is indicated. This is the right time for you to do charity to clean any negative karmic cycles. Love and romance is in the air and the week promises contentment and joy with loved ones. Keep yourself alert about the ongoing. This is a good time to start a new venture.


November (Lucky No. 21; Lucky Card – World):

Success and emotional stability is indicated and you will spend quality time with family. Follow your intuitions. Travel is indicated. A temporary phase financial non-liquidity in indicated so take expert advice on professional matters.


December (Lucky No. 6; Lucky Card – Lovers):

Trust your intuitions in choosing the right path but don’t make hasty decisions. It’s the best time to start new partnerships, but beware of backstabbers. Spiritual healing has started. Enjoy what you have, instead of focusing on what you don’t. Being confident and focused is the key to success.

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