Film Review: Hereditary

‘Collateral Damage’… “She wasn’t altogether there at the end,” says Annie Graham (Toni Collette) of her mother, Ellen, while delivering her eulogy. She also describes the departed woman, with whom Annie had a none-too-warm relationship, as ‘secretive’ and ‘private’. Among those attending the funeral are her husband Steve (Gabriel Byrne), teenaged son Peter (Alex Wolff) […]

Film Review: RACE 3

Genre: Thriller, Action Rating: 1/5 160 minutes Director: Remo D’souza             ‘Not A Podium Finish’  Ten years ago, the immaculately white-suited-booted brothers Abbas and Mastan Burmawalla set the template for action-thrillers with their ‘Race’ (adapted from ‘Goodbye Lover’), followed by a sequel five years later. Sidelined from the third installment […]

Caption This – 16th June, 2018

Calling all our readers to caption this picture! The wittiest caption will win a fabulous prize! Send in your captions at by 20th June, 2018. Winner: “Trump: “Jo Dikra Jong, ‘ek’ visit ma problem solve thai javu joiye…..’ NaMo’ ni kani hun ghari-ghari nahi aavi sakoo!”” – By Kayomarz Dotiwalla . .