Chomp And Cheers: Parsi Prawn Curry

Parsi Prawn Curry Ingredients: 20gms. Peanut Raw; 3gms. Green Chilli; 2gms. Black Pepper; 12gms. White Sesame Seeds; 15gms. Khus Khus; 25gms. Cashew Nut; 2gms. Cloves; 70gms. Grated Coconut; 50gms. Kasmhiri Chilli; 4gms. Cinnamon; 3gms. Green Cardamom; 14gms. Coriander Whole; 25gms. Garlic; 125gms. Onion; 150gms. Tomato; 3gms. Curry Leaves; 10gms. Parsi Sambar Masala; 500gms. Prawns; 20gms. […]

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