Ripple Effects

    Making Time To Smell The Roses!   “Honnneeeeey, did you see my red stripped tie?  It’s not in the cupboard!” “Mommmmm, where are my socks?  I need them for the football – quickly!” “Baai, apne ghee kahan rakha? Rotli ke liye chahiye” …Is this how people around you sound? Everyone asking the whereabouts […]

Summer Colds

Bombay, Pune, Nagpur and Ahmedabad are some of the cities that hit record temperatures during summer – going above 35˚-36˚C! This season calls for drinking more water, especially with Mumbai’s sultry weather when we tend to sweat excessively. The desire to cool ourselves with cold drinks, faloodas, ice-creams and carbonated water has a disastrous effect […]