Summer Colds

Bombay, Pune, Nagpur and Ahmedabad are some of the cities that hit record temperatures during summer – going above 35˚-36˚C! This season calls for drinking more water, especially with Mumbai’s sultry weather when we tend to sweat excessively. The desire to cool ourselves with cold drinks, faloodas, ice-creams and carbonated water has a disastrous effect […]

Energize Your Food!

We dedicate a large part of our lives to food. Food is one of the most interesting elements of our lifestyle, on a personal and professional level. However, it stands to be true, that the one time when the importance of having food which suits you and encourages positive health, is when you are not […]


Meher, a fourteen year old (name changed for confidentiality purposes) had been wanting a bicycle for her birthday. However, knowing that her parents could not afford one, she never asked. So imagine her delight when her neighbour gifted her one on that day. Meher was overjoyed and kept asking her neighbour how she could possibly […]

Your Way To Homeopathy – II

. Q.:  I’m a 41-year-old teacher. I tend to burp excessively. Can this be treated with homeopathy? Dr. Batra:  Burping could be due to several reasons, the commonest being swallowing of air while eating or drinking hurriedly or by the intake of carbonated drinks. It may also be caused by anti-diabetic drugs and other medical […]