The Nose KNOWS!

Your dog has the same senses as you do – smell, sight hearing, touch and taste – but of all the sense his sense of smell is the most powerful. Here are some interesting facts on a dog’s scenting powers. Scent Cells A dog has around two hundred million sensitive cells in its nose compared […]

Rex In The City

Help your dog adjust to life in the city. Arena, a beautiful German Shepherd, was put up for adoption when she was just ten months old. Her vice? Barking too much when left alone at home. The pup was bought to complete the family, but with both owners out all day, the energetic, young dog […]

25 Dog Training Tips

A good/successful trainer has oodles of patience. Rewarding good behaviour is crucial for successful dog training. Focus on initiating and rewarding good behaviour rather than waiting for the dog to misbehave and then punishing it. Always praise your dog for behaving well at least twice as much as you correct the dog for misbehaving. It’s […]

Bringing Home Hammer!

“Mom, Dad! Let’s get a dog?” “No!” 25 years down the line… “Let’s get a dog, dear hubby?” “No!” Twelve more years have passed and I’ve heard one too many “No’s” in my life. So after thinking about it for many nights I decided this time I would take matters in my own hands. I […]