The Fault Is Not In Our Stars!

As a subject of light conversation, astrology is at once interesting, fascinating, amusing and fun. But, when astrology becomes a subject governing day-to-day life, decision-making and relationships, it no longer remains funny or amusing! Astrology probably originated in Babylon or modern-day Iraq. Cuneiform tablets have been excavated depicting horoscope charts dating from the fifth Century […]

Farokh Fravardin – A month of Good Fortune and Happiness dedicated to the Holy Spirit

Fravardin is the first month of the Zoroastrian calendar and very appropriately so because the month is dedicated to the Fravashi or Farohar, which is the prototype of all creation. In the Zoroastrian tradition while invoking Fravardin, we use the epitaph Farokh which means fortunate and happy. In our prayers we recite, “Mah Farokh Fravardin” […]