April Fool

This year’s April Fool’s Day was celebrated by Meherbai’s Mandli, a little in advance, in the last week of March. It was a very special ‘April Fool’ for all Indians as three Chalak and Chatur businessmen i.e. an Air-line tycoon and two diamond merchants made a complete fool of our banking system by doing ‘Haoodas-Chaavdas’, looting and scooting. […]

The Waters Of Life

. The first sign of life began in water due to molecular synthesis, ie., the interaction of extreme hot and cold temperatures within the thermal-vents of ocean-beds which gave birth to the first amoeba, generating a rich biodiversity right up to the giant whale. Later, great civilizations existed along river-banks like the Egyptian on the […]

The Quest For Truth

Michael Volin was born and educated in China where his grandfather, a Russian Czarist general, had been stationed at the turn of the last century. Perhaps, because of his grandmother’s deep interest in spiritual matters (she was an acquaintance of Madam Blavatsky), Volin got deeply interested in Yoga and philosophy. He travelled extensively acrpss China, […]