Righteousness Exemplified The Best In Zarathushtra

Start your weekend with positive vibes with inspirational excerpts from the acclaimed book,  ‘Homage Unto Ahura Mazda’ by Dasturji Dr. Maneckji Naserwanji Dhalla of Karachi.

Dasturji Dr. Manekji Naserwanji Dhalla. Purity of body and mind and spirit makes for righteousness and Zarathushtra is the purest in body and mind and spirit. Good thoughts, good words, and good deeds strengthen righteousness; and Zarathushtra, himself the embodiment of good thoughts, good words and good deeds, best thinks and speaks and acts righteousness.

Zarathushtra lives in the atmosphere of righteousness and radiates it all around him. He is righteousness itself living in flesh for the good of mankind.

Zarathushtra’s great prophetic work is best with untold difficulties when he faces opposition on all sides, when friends desert his company and kinsmen abandon his cause, when the rulers of the land look upon him with suspicion and the wicked seek to compass his ruin, when friendliness is forsaken, hissed and hooted, ridiculed and persecuted he roams about the villages and towns of Iran, he turns to Thee, Ahura Mazda. Thy help and Asha’s righteousness sustain him in his hardships and trials. Reduced to the verge of the direst poverty he seeks not earthly wealth but imperishable wealth of spirit, Asha’s righteousness.

Zarathushtra fought for righteousness all along his life and vanquished wickedness. It fled before his consummate righteousness as darkness flees before light. Enable me to do in my humble way what Zarathushtra did in his magnificent way and now exhorts me to do. Kindle the fire of Asha’s righteousness in my heart and burn wickedness within me; strengthen me to combat it in the world without and vanquish it, Ahura Mazda!

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