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Natural ingredients For Skin Care

A pimple on the skin doesn’t leave easily with soaring temperatures. With the right diet, one can achieve one’s goals of a clear complexion. Here are a few tips to a flawless skin:

  • Cleanse your face with warm water and soap free face-wash.
  • Apply cleansing milk and rub it in till oil floats. Remove with tap water followed by splashes of cold water.
  • Your weekly routine would be to steam your face for ten minutes and then apply a pack of sandalwood powder mixed with ‘multanni mitti’ powder. Allow it to tighten for fifty minutes. Wash off with hot water followed by splashes of icy cold water.
  • Chew a few bitter neem leaves daily and also apply a pack made with the same, if you are not allergic to it.
  • Dry grind some orange peels when in season and refrigerate. When needed, take out a tablespoon, mix with water and apply.
  • Mix cinnamon or nutmeg powder with lime juice and apply on the pimples. If your skin is  dry, add honey.
  • Eat cucumber daily and apply its pulp on the pimple.
  • A combination of Vitamins ‘A’+’C’+’E’ taken once a week is beneficial.
  • Drink coconut water on a regular basis. You can also freeze it and rub the cubes on your face.
  • A ripe papaya/tomato paste not only helps in treating pimples but also helps remove marks, wrinkles and dullness in complexion.
  • Avoid cakes, pastries, chocolates with nuts, butter, cheese, dry fruits, thick spicy curries, junk and fast foods. Substitute aerated waters with limbu-pani, sugarcane juice and rose syrup squash.
  • Substituting some meals in the week for watermelon or cucumbers will help reduce weight.
  • A glass of ‘mosambi’ juice daily flushes your system of all impurities and is a great liver cleanser.
  • The paste of nutmeg, sandalwood powder and rose water helps combat pimples.
  • Rub a piece of alum on a wet face for a minute. While venturing out, you can apply a sunscreen with SPF 25.
  • If your skin is red and inflamed, mix rose oil with milk and some powdered oats.
  • Emotional upheavals, distress, mental tension, anxiety and depression take a toll on your face and pimples. Restore the disturbance with peace.
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