4 ShareApps

ShareApps copyWe often have difficulty in transferring files to and from friends and family – whether music, video or photographs, when we are face to face. Mostly, we use either a cable, an internet connection or Dropbox or Google Drive, each of which involves several steps to achieve the desired goal.

In comes 4 Shareapps. Once installed on both the phones – the sender and the recipient – just fire the app and decide what to send. The recipient has to just accept the sender’s request, and the file is transferred immediately – no cables, no USB, no usage of internet data, no other tools to be used. It is just so simple – over the air! You can share photos, videos, music, installed apps or any other files, with unlimited file size. You can even backup your apps to your SD Card.

Go ahead – share files seamlessly – multiply the fun!

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