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Anahita SubedarAcademic results are out and we are all proud of our Zarthosti children who have secured exemplary percentages. Even as congratulatory messages pour in from relatives and friends, it is more a sense of relief than celebration that most parents and students feel. Indisputably, there’s no greater combination that guarantees such success, than hard work by the students teamed with emotional and moral support from the family. Parsi Times wishes you all hearty congratulations!

And for those who were hoping to have scored better… as clichéd as it may seem – sure, it’s a bummer – but it’s not the end of the world! It’s really alright on both counts – practical and otherwise. With so many alternative, ‘lesser-percentage-demanding’career-options available these days, giving a miss to the typical streams like Medicine, Engineering, et al, is not as catastrophic anymore. Even that overwhelming sense of disappointment is temporary and will disappear ratherquickly,once you embrace the equally-lucrative and dynamic alternatives. This is not ‘sour grapes’, this is intelligence and character-building – the ability to make lemonade when life hands you lemons! So take it on the chin, and play the best game with the cards dealt to you.

Tomorrow, June 5th, marks World Environment Day. One cannot stress enough the need to raise global awareness and show sensitivity and respect towards our environment, if we are to ensure the survival of our progeny and our species. The threat is very real and closer to home than you think. As one of the more progressive and educated communities, let’s commit to doing our bit – say no to plastic, stop littering,reduce water and electricity consumption, maintain PUC (Pollution Under Control) for your vehicles – these seemingly small acts add up to make a big difference towards environmental conservation, and our own well-being.

Have a relaxed and fun weekend!

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