Chomp & Cheers: Awadhi Galouti Kebabs And Fresh Mango – Cardamom Smoothie

Parsi Times is committed to whetting your weekend appetite in true Bawa-style… which would have to mean not just ‘khavanu’, but also ‘pivanu’! For those of us who would like to chew on and guzzle up more adventurous gastronomical realms – we bring you ‘Chomp & Cheers’ with our very own Chef Prodigy – Bezad Dadachanji! Every week, Bezad will share his new, funky, multi-cuisine signature-recipes for us – not just to feast on, but also drink to!

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Prepare a spicy and refreshing fare during the rains this weekend! Bringing you the Mughlai delicacy, ‘Galouti Kebabs’ to be downed with a refreshing glass of fresh Mango and Cardamom Smoothie.

½ kg Minced Mutton (use mutton leg or mutton shoulder which is very fine and reddish in color, double minced); 1/2 tsp. Salt; 1/2 tsp. Red Chili powder; 1/2 tsp. Kebab Chini powder; 1 tsp. Raw Papaya paste (helps to tenderize the meat); 1/2 tsp.Garam Masala powder; 1 tsp. Ginger-Garlic paste;1/2 tsp.Saffron (mixed in 4 tbsp. warm milk); 1 tsp. Browned Onion Paste; 1 tsp.Coriander leaves;1 tsp. GaramFlour (besan); 1 tsp.DesiGhee; 1 tsp. Rosewater; 1 tsp. Ghee to fry the kebabs.

Add to the Minced meat, Salt, Chilly, Kebab chini, Green papaya paste, Garam masala, Ginger-garlic paste, Brown onion paste, Saffron, Desi ghee and Rosewater. Mix all the ingredients together, very finely. Mixing is a very important part of this recipe. Once done, heat 1 tsp. ghee in a pan. Make flattened rounds of the mixture. You can use little water so that the meat does not stick to your hands and fry till golden brown on both sides. Enjoy with green chutney and onions or on its own.

Cheers with Fresh Mango And Cardamom Smoothie:

A perfect way to start your day is with a chilled glass of yuPg_16 Bezad2mmy mango smoothie, a perfect accompaniment with your breakfast.

1 Fresh Alfonso Mango; 150 gms Hung curd; Sugar to taste; Pinch of Cardamom Powder; Ice cubes; Vanilla Ice cream (optional) – 1 scoop; Honey – Optional.

Peel and cube the mango and keep aside. In a blender, add hung curd, cubed mangoes, cardamom powder, ice cubes and vanilla ice cream and blend till smooth. If too thick you can add water to get the desired consistency. Add honey for extra sweetness.

Garnish with mint leaves and enjoy

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