Good Going, BPP!

Dear Editor,

It indeed is a landmark in the annals of BPP, that in a short phase, after having shouldered the onerous responsibility as trustees, the superb team led by Shri Yazdi Desai, has pulled off a hat-trick of sorts. Just marvelous! Admirably, week after week there happens to be a constant flow of allotment of flats to the deserving and actually needy. That too, one learns, devoid of donations!

While giving kudos to the Chairman, who is absolutely a thorough gentleman, who is assisted by seasoned, capable stalwarts like Shri Kersi Randeria, whose team work has borne fruits, yet one feels that there is a crying need to probe into those flat snatchers in possession of more than one flat – far in excess of the family’s requirements. The trustees ought to explore ways and means to get such flats confiscated for allotment to those who await accommodation. Apart from being an added feather in the Trustee’s cap, undoubtedly, this is bound to go a long way in the larger interest of the community and thereby earned all our blessings.

Nozer R Balsara

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