Have You Made Your Blessing Bag Yet?

The ‘Blessing Bag’ initiative by Xtremely Young Zoroastrians (XYZ) has picked up immense momentum in the past one week, thanks to the tremendous efforts put in by the motivated XYZ kids and support from Parsi Times. Thirty XYZ children have already made one hundred and fourteen ‘blessing bags’ and are all set to hand it out to the needy. The children further boosted this cause by meeting various people and informing them about this concept. XYZs in all corners of the city are going ‘MAD’ (Making A Difference) while along with spreading smiles all over.

These XYZ enthusiasts were also invited to share their idea with the current HPY participants who have vowed to do their bit to this cause.

hufriya daruwalaI felt exhilarated when we distributed the bags to a bunch of kids on Wadala flyover, seeing us distributing, more children came to us. I felt sad that we had lesser bags than the number of kids wanting them, so now we are making more bags to give out. Hufriya Daruwala, 12 years

sanaya davarThis is a very innovative idea which encourages us to do our little bit to help the poor and needy people on the road. The enthusiasm and blessings that we have received inspires and encourages us to make more bags as we think of the less fortunate children who eagerly grabbed the bags from our hands. Sanaya Davar, 13 years

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