Jasvi’s Numero-Tarot Predictions

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January (1 to 31)
Change is permanent, accept it gracefully. Move on. Time to diversify business. Change in job or workplace indicated. Travel is on the cards.
Lucky Colour White, Lucky Crystal Pearl

February (1 to 29)
This week you might feel stuck or in a confrontational situation. Take care of your health. Be confident. Divine blessings are always with you.
Lucky Colour – Orange, Lucky Crystal -Camelian

March (1 to 31)
Health will be fine. You know your destiny but you are in search of the right path. Learn to shoulder your responsibilities. There can be a temporary phase of non-liquidity in cash.
Lucky Colour – Lemon, Lucky Crystal – Topaz

April (1 to 30)
Finances will be stable this week. Hard work always pays off. Remember everything that glitters is not gold. Come out of your illusions. The week promises fame and prosperity.
Lucky Colour – Red, Lucky Crystal – Ruby

May (1 to 31)
This is a temporary karmic phase – as you sow, so shall you reap. Time to start afresh – a new dawn awaits. Clear your confusion. Health will be fine.
Lucky Colour – Green, Lucky Crystal – Emerald

June (1 to 30)
Travel is indicated. Be careful while making new friends. Clear your thoughts. A positive week balancing all four areas of life – health, wealth, happiness and peace.
Lucky Colour – Pista Green, Lucky Crystal – Clear Quartz

July (1 to 31)
Your confidence is your strength. Legal matters will get sorted. Happy times ahead. You have mastered the art of balancing situations.
Lucky Colour – Blue, Lucky Crystal – Blue Sapphire

August (1 to 31)
A good time for students. Women can look forward to luxuries. Men are advised to avoid overthinking.
Lucky Colour – Cream, Lucky Crystal – Peridot

September (1 to 30)
Love is in the air. Don’t act desperately. Financial support is available. There could be some sudden unwanted changes, but don’t lose confidence. Donate to the needy.
Lucky Colour – Indigo, Lucky Crystal – Evil Eye

October (1 to 31)

A happy week ahead. Spend quality time with your loved ones. Health will be good. You might start a new venture.
Lucky Colour – Maroon, Lucky Crystal – Red Jasper

November (1 to 30)

Take the world in your stride. You may travel abroad for further studies. Follow your intuition. You can do wonders if you are confident. Don’t feel neglected.
Lucky Colour – Grey, Lucky Crystal – Pyrite

December (1 to 31)
You are intelligent and strong. You can take rational decisions in life. Follow your heart but take your mind along. A balance of heart and head is the need of the hour. You will be blessed.
Lucky Colour – Brown, Lucky Crystal – Gomed.

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