Monsoon Masti

Isn’t there a connection between the earthy scent that emanates from the soil when touched by the first raindrops, and the nostalgia it triggers? The word describing that scent is ‘Petrichor’.

Now if one were to forage the length and breadth of this concrete jungle for that perfecmonsoon1t patch of soiled paradise, replete with nature’s
untouched and undefiled bounty of trees, ferns, undergrowth and fauna to experience and appreciate this sub-continental climatic life sustaining event, one would be most certainly, just about disappointed.

Despair not! Within easy reach of Mumbai, we have dozens of wet-and-wild options to choose from. We have not just verdant green forests, but lakes, rivers, innumerable waterfalls, caves, trek to hill forts and tiny rustic villages where children play dive-n-slide in the knee deep muddy water, while women plant paddy in the fields.And all of this can be experienced in a short break of a couple of days.

For the Traveler

Distance to Destinations from Mumbai: Approx and within 150 kms

Drive time: Variable. Upto 3 hours, but not limited to in some cases.

Mode: Personal Vehicle, Train or State Transport.

Watch out for: Petrichor! You know what that is now.

Here are some known and some not so well-known destinations:take 3
The Karnala Fort and Wildlife Sanctuary, The Visapur Fort and Bedsa Caves, The Lohagarh
Hill Fortand Bhaje Caves, Ajoba Sacred Grove and Hill Fort, Sudhagad Fort and Thanale Caves, The Tikona Hill Fort, Ghosalgad, Talagad Forts and Kuda Caves, Twin Forts of Rajmachi, Rafting on the River Kundalika, the pedestrian hill station of Matheran, Vasota Fort, Koyna Backwaters, Kaas Valley, Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary, Sandhan Valley Canyon and Ratangad Fort, The Birwadi Fort and Kashid Beach, Mulshi Lake and Tamhane Ghat… to name a few.

Do not underestimate the beauty and allure of these more than 100 square kilometers of green gems in the heart of our city, or the time travel capability of the 2400 year old Kanheri caves.

If this be it, then so be it!.But do get going this monsoon!

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