Navsari Celebrates Age Old Tradition

Most cultures have a distinct way of pleasing the Rain Gods to ensure a healthy monsoon. Navsari keeps the Zoroastrian tradition of pleasing the Rain God by having young Zoroastrian boys going around town, collecting uncooked rice, dal, oil, ghee and water from residents. This collection is done while simultaneously reciting: “Ghee khichri no paiso, Doriyaa no rupiyo, Varsaadji toha ayega, Dumrisher layega, Dumritaari oat maa, Kharapaani pet maa, Ott iKe chotti, Chal li choti, Relaavi motti, Ahuragocal, Paani mokal, Varsaadji nu paani, Toh mitthu ne mitthu!”

Once collected, the ingredients are put together and cooked into a delicious ‘Khichdi’ which is then served to the poor, birds, animals and all present. This tradition is practiced every year, particularly on ‘Bahman Mahino’ and ‘Bahman Roj’. This year too, the tradition was performed in its true essence. Speaking with Parsi Times, Marazban E. Wadia said, “It is heart-warming to see young boys participate so enthusiastically in keeping this age old tradition alive”.

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