Film Review – Now You See Me-2

Macau is theRating-Now You See Me-2 setting for the quartet of the most celebrated magicians and ace illusionists to perform their stupefying feats in front of an encouraging audience.

Danny Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg) is the leader of the group, The Horsemen, which includes Jack Wilder (Dave Franco), Lula May (Lizzy Caplan) and Merritt Mckinney (Woodey Harrelson in a double-role, playing his evil twin brother too). Morgan Freeman reprises his role as the crafty Thaddeus Bradley while director Chou introduces the techno-wizard Walter Mabry (Daniel Radcliffe) who coerces the Horsemen into smuggling out a computer chip from a fortified and well- guarded vault. Michael Caine, as Mabry’s father, has nothing much to do. Jon Chou wants us to believe that this chip can help break into the phone memory of anybody on this planet.

In a film with outstanding production values and a rather impressive star cast, Mark Ruffalo reprises his role, this time as FBI agent Dylan Rhodes who secretly aids The Horsemen.

A close follow-up to the 2013 Now You See Me, the film’s charm or lure is subject to the viewers’ skepticism on the subject. To facilitate the illusions (with copious CGI), David Copperfield, the world’s best known magician, has been drafted in as co-producer, whose dare-devilry would have surely paved the way for an encore.

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