Reminiscing With Our Handsome Cricketer, Shapur Khandhadia

Dear Editor,

In the Parsi Times dated 4th June, 2016, Indian Test Cricketer Farrokh Engineer has praised my village, Nargol. He had come to Nargol in 1964 with Nari Contractor, Rusi Surti, Behram Irani, Manohar Hardikar, etc. to play a friendly match. I also played in the match and had taken Farrokh’s wicket and scored 38 runs, second highest after Nari’s 68 runs!

Engineer had also praised Punjiaji Agiary, saying it is one of the most beautiful Agiaries. I’m 79 years old and very handsome – Farrokh Engineer is 78 years old. Long live Farrokh!

Shapur S. Khandhadia, Valsad

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