Residential Program of MF Cama Athornan Institute’s Ex – Students Association

Er. Cyrus Dastoor, founder of Frohar Foundation, organized the 15th Annual Residential Refresher Programme for Ostas and Ervads and the 8th one for Behdin Pasbaans at the small Otla of Cama Baug from 3 to 15 May, 2016, with the cooperation of Yazdi Desai, Ervad Keki Raoji and Vada Dasturji Dr. Peshotan Mirza.

Holding great respect for late Meherwanji Muncherji, Er. Cyrus Dastoor is determined to fulfill his vision of rearing knowledgeable priests. Hence, fifteen years ago he established a Residential Refresher Programme for Ostas and Ervads. After research, he realized that even eager male Behdins could become protectors and keepers of the flame. Since the last eight years, many Paasbans have sprung up and are serving Fire Temples situated at distant cities, towns and even suburbs of Mumbai, viz. Kanpur, Davier, Kalyan and other places. Many Paasbans are successful doctors, lawyers, scientists and successful corporate figures.


Day one had keynote speaker Ervad Dr. Ramiyar Karanjia highlighting the importance of the Vendidad and other aspects of our religion being described clearly in the 21 chapters of the prayer. Er. Cyrus Dastoor said, about the Vendidad prayer, “Classes should be held to impart the benefits and power of the Vendidad prayer to the community, especially to enable the youngsters of our community to awake to their mission and religious fervour.” Thereafter donors were felicitated as the donations of these well-wishers go towards making the Training Programmes successful.

The course has been interspersed with speeches by distinguished priests and scholars on various prayers and tenets of Zoroastrianism. The course also consists of teaching the members how to make malido and bhakras. A religious trip to Udvada and Navsari was enjoyed by the group. There was also a visit to the four Aatash Behrams, followed by exams on the 14th of May. The program concluded on the 15th with a Jasan ceremony. Chief Guest and BPP Chairman Yazdi Desai presented a special award to Ervad Amavand Panthaky and lauded the efforts of our Osta, Ervad and Behdin Paasbans. Commodore Aspi Marker (NM) Retd was the Guest of Honour. The dignitaries were felicitated, followed by explanations of the important Mazdayasni concepts, a skit about the inculcation during the Paasban refresher programme, buoyantly sung Monajats and prize distribution.

The Ahunavaiti Gatha states, “He who is most good to the righteous, Be he a noble or a peasant, or a dependent, He who zealously makes the good living creation flourish, He shall come to dwell with Truth in the realm of the Good Mind.” This is the ore of each Zarathosti’s mission and our Paasbans are actualizing it continuously.

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