Selfless Samaritans Young Rathestars

Young Rathestar2 copyOn June 12, 2016 the ‘Young Rathestars’, a group of individuals committed to serving our community, visited Parukh Dharamshala in Mumbai, with the purpose of providing them with basic amenities, in keeping with their annual commitment to visiting institutions within Mumbai and villages in rural Gujarat. The residents of Parukh Dharamshala received numerous items of utility and consumption including toiletries like toothpaste, talcum powder, cologne water, pain relief balm, etc. and food items like cheese and dal-ni-pori – upon the request of the senior citizen residents. The day ended on a happy note with heartfelt blessings and content smiles given in return, as the Young Rathestars concluded yet another successful and selfless event.

Young Rathestars comprises community stalwarts including Arnavaz Jal Mistry, Sharukh Dhalla, Khushroo Crawford, Vistasp Mehta and numerous other helpful committee members. They offer help by reaching out to lesser privileged Zorastrians and providing them with basic amenities, provisions, white goods, financing by way of interest free loans, etc.

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