Sir J. J. School Alumni Association’s Dae Mahino Jashan

On 5th June, 2016, the Ex-students of the Sir J.J. Schools’ Association got together in large numbers along with two erstwhile principals and teachers to celebrate the Dae Mahina-nu-Jashan on Mah Dae, Roj Daepin. The Jashan ceremony was performed by ex-student Er. Yazdi Dhalla and his son Er. Asdin.DSC_5265 copy

It was a friendly evening, with lots of hugs and back slaps. Dara Khodaiji, the President of the Association addressed the gathering, offering his heartfelt thanks to Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy, First Baronet, the founder of this 167 years old Institution which has educated thousands of youngsters, setting them on a successful path in life. He also thanked the erstwhile principals Nergish Bamji and Hemavati Pal who helped to start the Alumni Association. Pal is now retired and lives in Mangalore and Bamji, will shortly be entering the 100th year of her life. She has attended all the events of the Association till now but she was not present on Sunday because she had a fall last year and had sustained injuries. She is now confined to her home. Bamji had sent a message wishing the Association all the best and a long and fruitful life to all ex-students. This message was read out by the Vice-President Zarine Commissariat.

Navroz Siganporia, the veteran scouter popularly known as Sigi Sir kept the crowd entertained. Spot prizes were given away. The evening concluded with Iagan-nu-bhonu catered by Er. Nariman Dalal.

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