Urgent Awareness And Action Needed!

Dear Editor,

It is common knowledge that with the dwindling population of our community, our ancestral properties attract the attention of land sharks and even statutory authorities, who issue Public Notices for acquiring them in obscure newspapers and magazines.

It was really shocking to read the Public Notice dated the 14th June, 2016 issued by Slum Rehabilitation Authority – the contents of which indicate that around 6,133 square metres of properties belonging to The Zoroastrian Radhi Society and Parsi Vegetarian Society, located at Oshiwara, would be utilised for Slum Rehabilitation! The same has appeared on page 7 of Business Standard dated 16th instant. It is surprising that such notice is being issued in a newspaper having limited readership instead of a national, reputed and prominent newspapers!

My intent in sending this to you is to make the members of community aware about this aspect of how our community is losing its ancestral properties due to the apathy of the Trustees of concerned Trusts.

Since, this Public Notice does not seem to have appeared in any other prominent newspapers, I feel that the same needs to be given due publicity for prominent members of our community to intervene and if possible, take action to safeguard the same.

I request The Zoroastrian Radhi Society and Parsi Vegetarian Society to explain to our community the details of the moves by the Slum Development Authority and steps taken or proposed to be taken by them to ensure that community property is not lost forever.

I also request BPP, to look into the matter and help the concerned Trust in the matter.

Homi Dalal

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