Auto – Suggestion To Correct Bad Habits

Ambrose Bierce had said that a habit is a shackle for the free. Habits can be very useful and you can benefit from good ones but bad habits can really harm you. To undo/correct harmful habits, ‘auto-suggestion’ is often considered an effect tool.

Auto-suggestion or self-suggestion is a suggestion that you repeat to yourself, with the objective of creating change in your subconscious. It is a powerful technique which can help you to overcome bad habits, changing beliefs, emotional states and programming new ideas in your mind. Self-suggestion is a very conscious tool to order the subconscious mind to realize your thoughts. To feel positive, you must often repeat positive phrases. Negativity leads to many bad habits like smoking. Auto-suggestion will help your subconscious mind to replace negative thoughts with positives ones.

The age we live in is full of stress. When we are not able to overcome it, bad habits like drinking, gambling, smoking and other addictions are formed, which lead to memory loss, absent-mindedness and other mental and physical impairments. Memory is either trained or untrained. You can have a good memory or a bad one with vices like smoking.

For an effective memory, have control over your five body and mind senses – the body senses being sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing; and the mind senses – observation, discrimination, memory-power, decision making and spirituality.

Smoking affects almost every part of the body. The brain is affected by nicotine. It develops extra nicotine receptors to accommodate its large doses from tobacco. When the brain stops receiving the nicotine it is used to, the result is nicotine withdrawal. You may feel anxious, irritable and have strong cravings for nicotine.

Auto-suggestion techniques to overcome smoking:

Use The ‘I’ Form
The ‘I’ or first person form always involves the person speaking. When you talk with the ‘I’ you’re not trying to influence another. Using the ‘I’ form is very important to remember that you are the important ingredient in your self-suggestion sessions. Tell yourself firmly – “No Smoking Means No Smoking!”

Think In A Straight Process
This implies not programming an alternate or exit plan. If you really want your auto suggestion to work, it is essential to get rid of doubts. Even the word ‘Impossible’ say’s ‘I M Possible’. Remove words creating doubt like ‘maybe’, ‘probably’, ‘if’, etc.

Use the memory technique of visualization. When you get what you want, all hardships will vanish.

Live ‘Today’
Assume you have already got the object you desire. “I am happy” is better than “I will be happy”. Any bad habit should be purged soon.

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