Cama Park Annual Athletics

In the mid-80s when Tata Housing Development Company envisaged Cama Park, one wonders whether they constructed the circular interior road of 400m (the identical distance for track events), by design or inadvertently. This track, particularly the gradient in a few places, has motivated the youth of Cama Park colony, Andheri and benefited them at excelling in various track-and-field events over the years. Some of these include Karl Driver, Benaifer Kelawalla, Chirag Billimoria and Vistasp Edibam.

On 22nd May, 2016, Cama Welfare Association organized their Annual Athletic Meet in which residents from the ages ranging from 5 to 70 years, participated in events such as 60m and 100m sprint, 400m run and relay, spot jump, shot put, three-legged race, senior citizens walk, lemon-and-spoon race, etc. The highlight of the day, which started at 7 am and lasted four hours, was the 60m slow cycling race in which the participant who comes in last was the winner! With May as the month conducting maximum activities, the residents look forward to more events before schools reopen.

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