From The Editor’s Desk

Dear Readers,

Having been a media professional for nearly two decades, when I joined Parsi Times earlier this year, I looked forward with excitement to getting better acquainted with all things related to our fabulous community. And today, more than ever, I love being Parsi, I love our Parsipanu, I take immense pride in our history and I revel in our idiosyncrasies – just as most of us do. Even our nation takes pride in us and holds us in high esteem – we are treated as its cynosure of progress, grace and industriousness.

Unfortunately, that image is beginning to get blurry, due to an increasingly degenerate brand of unhealthy politics played by some miscreants who wish to mislead the community. They seem equipped with a lot of free time but an extremely limited sense of responsibility and ethics. The past two weeks have seen controversies take on bewildering proportions, as baseless accusations, petty preferences and lies made their way into national media. What a shameful joke they try to reduce our community to, by sharing biased and twisted information with the unassuming national newspapers that reach all corners of India. That’s not just betraying the community, it’s also fooling the nation! Can we rise above this reckless tripe? Can the miscreants please get a real job, so that the rest of us could get on with ours?

I’ve dedicated this issue to undoing this political cacophony and bringing to light the truth to you, from all relevant quarters, in what will probably go down as one of PT’s notable disclosures.
Peace to all. Have a good weekend!


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