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Dear Readers,

Anahita SubedarI received a record number of mails, messages and calls all through last week, in response to the ongoing political flavor that has been grabbing headlines. It was consoling to know that all these expressed the same message – albeit in different words and different tones – ranging from disgust and anger to support and appeals. No, I’m not referring to the ‘in-support-of-PT’ messages, for which we remain always grateful – Parsi Times is very secure in the patronship we get from our readers – locally, nationally and globally. I’m talking about the ‘in-support-of-the-Community’ messages.

If I were to put the collective message in a simple manner, this is how it would read, “We are sick of the politics born out of the infighting and disagreements happening inside the BPP, and its sadder spill-over onto the community via the media. Could the current BPP Board, and moreso, those not on the current BPP Board but feel an incorrigible need to participate with affairs of the community, please work things out in an amicable manner so that we can regain our lost sense of pride in our community and our leaders?”

No one is happy with the ongoing state of affairs today – not the community, not the Trustees, and definitely not the media… except perhaps, for a handful of anti-social elements. The media is supposed to be the messenger of unbiased news – it is our job to ensure that the community is told both sides of the story – as was proven in our last issue. We provided an unedited version of what ALL the six Trustees had to say about the unnecessary controversies – which were blown out of proportion to facilitate the ‘throwing stones to hide your hands’ process, as revealed in our exposé.

Let’s get our act together, shall we? Inspite of being one of the smallest communities worldwide, we have brilliantly proven the ‘Quality Over Quantity’ maxim, time and again. ‘Honesty’, ‘Integrity’, ‘Charity’, ‘Just’ and ‘Progressive’ are some of the words that ‘Parsis’ are associated with. And with good reason. Our forefathers left us an unblemished legacy. Let’s get together as a community and live up to those standards so we can bequeath an equally inspired one to our future generations.

Have a relaxed weekend!

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