Good Going, BPP!

Dear Editor,

In response to the current housing issue raked up by a few mischief mongers who seem to consider being Admins/members of whatsapp groups as a full-time career, Trustee Noshir Dadrawalla wrote back, “Mr. Nusli Wadia’s ancestors gave the Parsi community 5 baugs with about 1,500 flats. Mr. Wadia said that in 54 years, I have recommended only 5 cases! Matter closed. It is not an issue whether Dr. Farokh Master is rich or poor. The great grandson of Late Jerbai Wadia made a recommendation and ALL the trustees UNANIMOUSLY had the grace to say yes. That’s all. Let the community show equal grace and respect to the donor’s family! Also, why are the detractors only talking about Dr. Master? Why are they not talking about the new Board allotting flats to more deserving families in 7 months than what the previous Board could in 7 years, including one staying on the footpath? That should be the positive headline, not negativity about one good doctor!”
Now this is what I call a gentleman Trustee’s reply. Short, sweet and accurate – free of any ambiguities or beating around the bush. Ever since the present incumbents stepped into the august office at 209 Dr. D. N. Road, they have been busy cleaning the Augean Stables they inherited from their predecessors, and are doing a mighty fine job! The lost confidence of the community in the BPP Trustees is being quickly restored and by the grace of Dadar Ahura Mazda, they will succeed in their endeavors. The transparency in allotting flats is something unheard of, since the last two decades. Keep it up!

Dara M. Khodaiji

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