Idavala Agiary Celebrates 174 Years

The celebrations of the 174th Anniversary of the Bai Avabai Ardeshir Wadia (Idavala) Agiary at Dhobi Talao, commenced with a jasan ceremony by Panthaky Er. Shahvir Mehrwan Dastur and other mobeds on Saturday 2nd July, 2016 (Roj Behram, Mah Bahman Y.Z. 1385).

Ervad Asphandiar Dadachanji, Head Priest of the Vatchgandhy Agiary spoke on various interesting religious topics including the four sources of fires required for consecration of an Agiary, in comparison to sixteen fires needed to set up an Atash Behram; the importance of different jasans held around the year and the significance of Afargan prayers and flower rituals during jasans. Next, Managing Trustee Godrej N. Dotivala, appealed to the community to contribute towards the repairs and maintenance of this heritage place of worship.The meeting concluded with the garlanding of the dignitaries.

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