Jam-e-Jamshed and Parsi Times Unite Under Sole Management

Jam-e-Jamshed (JJ), the community’s oldest (184 years old) weekly newspaper has teamed up with its five-year-old and equally popular counterpart, Parsi Times (PT), under the sole management of Parsi Times Multimedia Pvt. Ltd., which will have a common board of Directors. The aim behind this unison is two-fold – to add to the commercial viability in economies of scale for two publications catering to the same and quantitatively limited audience; and to provide the community with the best of this synergy as JJ is patronized for its traditional leanings and PT is the choice of the exuberant youth.

Though both weeklies will come under one management umbrella, each will maintain and continue to fortify its independent identity and will provide an even larger platform for the community to voice its concerns and preferences. The readers will also stand to gain in terms of no content overlapping due to this positive synergy. Under the unified and intelligible management over the collective content structure and editorial direction of both weeklies, this union will be of immense benefit even to the advertisers in terms of reach and age-based readership preferences.

Here’s looking forward to a new media era in the community – one which works collectively towards providing enriching information and holistic motivation to the community and helps address and solve various issues, in the way only an empowered media, such as this – born out of the best of both the worlds, can.

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