Linen’s Fair For Summer Wear

linin shirt copySeasons hugely impact comfort levels in us all – be it winter, summer or rains. Our comfort level is one of the main determinants of how effectively we function. One of the elements that helps combat the discomfort brought on by the seasons is how we choose to dress. Dressing appropriately based on the season makes a huge difference to our comfort factor, leaving us lesser annoyed and exhausted.

Summers can be unforgiving. We end up exhausted, dehydrated and sweating profusely. But we can alleviate that ordeal by choosing to wear the perfect apparel for the season – Linen.

Fashion Designer and Style Guru for men, Kaizad Wadia takes us through a step by step understanding of going about summer wear in the right way…

How to spot linen wear: Linen has a causal appeal with a luxurious presence and feel. The trick of wearing linen is to have only one of your clothing wear i.e. either the shirt, trouser or your jacket in made of linen, preferably the shirt. You can pair it up with denims, chinos, khakis or with smart knee length shorts for the beach!

Linen Shirts: Avoid going too slim on the fit, a semi-comfort fit is preferred. Have your sleeves folded up. If you prefer half sleeve shirts, then select light shades like white, off white, light blues, pinks, lemon without checks or stripes. The checks and stripes or any print-designs on linen shirts should ideally be for full sleeve shirts. The sleeves folded up exhibits a casual, rich and cool appeal.

Linen shirts are very classy casual wear, so avoid having linen shirts with your collar or cuffs in contrasting shades, as that tends to get tacky. At best, only a contrasting piping in the inside of your collar should suffice. Ensure the buttons of your linen shirts are not glossy and made of good quality. Horn button are appropriate for linen shirts as they quite literally hold the shirt together! Only with linen shirts, would I recommend opting for a Chinese collar.

Linen Trousers: Generally beige or shades of camel-tones are preferred, as also a few dark shades like steel grey or black. As linen tends to crease, having trousers in light shades is not advisable.

Linen Jackets: Choose jackets with light shades. Linen jackets are best without satin interiors, little to no shoulder pads, and no fusing, as linen jackets ideally should be light weight.

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