Managing Diabetes

Diabetes is a leading health concern across the globe. Over 194 million adults are diabetic worldwide. Homeopathy emphasises the holistic management of diabetes to enable patients maintain ‘normal’ levels of insulin and prevent progression or complication of the disease.

We love food! Non-vegetarian food dominates Parsi/Irani households, and our normal diet of bakery products and sweets invites several health ailments. Therefore, there’s a high prevalence of obesity and related disorders like diabetes in the community. However, wrong eating habits might not be the only cause of this disorder. Other major causes include:

Family History – The prevalence of diabetes increases with a family history of diabetes. The risk of a child developing diabetes with a parental history increases above 50%. Regular check-ups after age 35 is the best way to prevent the disease. Those who have a history of diabetes in the family, should ensure that albumin is also tested along with sugar.

Obesity – Being overweight is a leading cause of diabetes. Excess body fat, especially concentrated around the abdomen, leads to increased risk of diabetes.

Sedentary lifestyle – The lack of reduced physical activity is a major contributor.

Insulin Resistance – It has been estimated that Asian Indians are more insulin-resistant as compared to westerners. A cluster of factors consisting of abnormal fats [dyslipidaemia], high blood pressure, obesity and abnormal glucose levels known as ‘Metabolic Syndrome’ is highly prevalent in Asian Indians.

Urbanization And Stress – Rapid urbanization is associated with increasing obesity, decreased physical activity due to lifestyle and dietary changes. The impact of physical and emotional stress along with an unhealthy lifestyle has a strong cascading effect on people, leading to jump in diabetes.
Homeopathy And Diabetes

While there is no substitute to insulin in homeopathy, professional homeopathic treatment is key to managing the metabolic aspect of individuals having diabetes with both therapeutic and nutritional measures. This is achieved through appropriate homeopathic remedies, lifestyle changes, reducing stress, regular exercise and customised diet. Homeopathic remedies can be taken safely, along with pharmaceutical medications, including insulin.

Self-Care Tips:

  • Proper processing of non-vegetarian food and cooking methods like roasting, boiling or baking.
  • Have a healthy breakfast of fruits and eggs.
  • Cut down the usage of coconuts, red meats, alcohol consumption and oily foods.
  • Consume foods high in fibre and low in fat, salt and sugar.
  • Exercise regularly for 20 to 30 minutes, 4 to 5 times a week.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Take care of your feet as diabetics are prone to contract infections and foot ulcers.
  • Have regular health check-ups, especially eyes tested for retinopathy at least twice a year.
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