PlantNet – Plant Identification

How I WorkVery often we come across plants, flowers and fruits and are unable to identify them. Pl@ntNet is an image sharing and retrieval app which helps in identification of plants, flowers and fruits. It is developed by scientists from four

French research organizations and the Tela Botanica network.
Once you install the app, just choose an image – click with your camera or select an image from your Gallery. The selected image is then optically compared with the thousands of images stored in the database and up pops the nearest result – you get to identify the plant or flower in your picture! It does not work for ornamental plants and works better if the picture is focused on one organ. Pictures of tree leaves on uniform background yield the best results.

The number of plants and species covered, keeps getting updated with contributions from users all over the world. If you find something unique, which you know about, you can even contribute to their database.
Now you can enjoy your nature pics, knowing what you are seeing!

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