Point Of View

Trustee Armaity TirandazTrustee Armaity Tirandaz was sent a number of questions but chose to maintain a politically correct stand, as under:
“My commitment is and will always be to the community’s interest implicitly. I would say that since a sitting trustee is also the owner of your newspaper i.e. Parsi Times, in my opinion it should be apparent that he would magnanimously give his print for free out of his sheer generosity and love for the community. Political rivalry seems to have a large part to play on this issue and I wish not to be any part of it. Had it been otherwise, would the PT have given these same considerations to the BPP? I do not recollect any such gesture in my tenure as a trustee on the previous Board.
Despite my descent on this issue, I would not be able to opine on the ‘ban’ per se because it was discussed on the BPP Board and the majority decision taken by 4 other trustees was that no BPP matters would be printed in the Jam-e-Jamshed by the BPP from now on. The negotiation between the BPP and the Jam-e-Jamshed was carried out by trustee Viraf Mehta as a result of discussion and a decision of the entire Board.
As for your question of Jame Jamshed trying to create a public opinion, just as there is freedom of speech, there is freedom of press. So it would be best that you contact the Jam-e-Jamshed for the answer you seek.”

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