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valentines-red-rose copyIn today’s fast-paced, frenetic life, where ‘love’ is increasingly the reserve of online encounters, and expressions of romance are relegated to annoying smilies and egotistical selfies, we received a touching letter from 90-year-old Burjor Doctor, which takes us back to the era when love, romance and companionship were holistic elements of the revered institution of marriage. We thank Burjor Doctor for sharing his heart and his beautiful sentiments…

Burjor Doctor wrote to Parsi Times:

Soon after our marriage (1961), I penned a poem for my wife. For 55 years the sheet went missing and she never read it. Recently (4th February, 2016) my wife passed away at the age of 78. Going through my old papers, I found the sheet on which the poem was typed. With the passage of time, the paper had turned yellow and brittle. However, I messaged to smoothen the creases and took a photo copy of the poem which is enclosed. If you can spare some place to print the poem, I feel sure that my wife, who was an avid reader of Parsi Times, will read it, wherever she is. For me there will be no greater satisfaction and happiness.

Yours Sincerely,
Burjor Doctor

‘Love Letter’ by Burjor doctor

When I sit empty-eyed and stare,
And think and feel so much;
I think and lo! My love is there,
For married love is such.
I pray for but one thing in dreams
That I oft yearn to see:
A face that loves but one and seems
To turn and smile at me.
O! sweetest honey, but for ye
I seem to breathe and live,
Your lips likes roses bloom for me
A smile and kiss to give.
My mind, my heart abide with ye,
My thought so closely cling,
And make this our unity
A perfect nuptial link.
Since we two live in harmony
And never part, my grace,
My heart grows fond and weeps to see
Your lovely, loving face.
Remember my affection strong,
And sing of mirth and youth;
Think well of me and do it long
For happiness and truth.
Far in the deeps of heart conceal
Your love which I will reap;
Love’s mystic bond will hold us still
when in our graves we sleep.
So trudge along and play your part,
And think it not too mean,
For rest, assured that in my heart
You’ll always be my queen!

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