Reveling In The Rains At Rajmachi

When it rains, it pours! And it is pouring here in Mumbai and around. The transformation is immediate and obvious. The city transforms with its flooded streets, delayed public transport system and harried commuters.

The country side transforms differently. The brown gives way to the green, the white and grey of rivers gives way to muddy browns and the dust gives way to slush and puddles.

For city folks looking for a change in scenery from grey to green, from honking to gurgling of streams, from cement buildings to green foliage, come away to the countryside. And the countryside is not too far away from the city, fortunately.

Just 80 kms from Mumbai, presents a lovely distraction in the form of a monsoon trek. And so, we put on our ‘chappals’, don our rain gear, fill our water bottles and head to Lonavala, where starts our trek to Rajmachi, the site of the historical twin forts of Shrivardhan and Manaranjan.

Rajmachi is a beautiful 15 kms trek from Lonavala, passing through forests and dotted with waterfalls. Taking it easy, we decided to halt at Tungarli, which is a small bastion, located high-up and away from the weekend crowd at Lonavala. Here we find a cozy place that not only provides us with stay for the night but information and guide for the Rajmachi trek, which we decide to do early next day.

It rained through the night. Next morning after a wholesome breakfast of poha and parantha, we set out for the trek with water bottles, packed lunch, rain gear and lot of excitement. The start itself is adventurous as we descend a gorge, slipping and sliding in the wet mud to reach the path below, which would take us 9 kms to our destination – this we can see in the distance, through the clouds that have descended upon us!

for the travellerThe call of birds was a welcome change from the honking of cars, and as we walked in the lush wetness, we came upon a waterfall by the side of the path. No invitation was needed! In we all went, soaking ourselves wet to the bone. After much persuasion, we continued our trek, and reached the base of the fort. The forts looked imposing and beckoned us to the summit. Photographs, lunch, selfies, silent introspection and loud singing later, we make our way back, reaching our little cottage in Tungarli, just in time for a much needed hot cup of chai.

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