‘The Hair Story’

PT Push is dedicated to encouraging all entrepreneurs in our community by providing them the proverbial ‘Push’ so as to facilitate them with the much-needed visibility, which plays the most crucial role in encouraging any business. Bianca Engineer’s passion for make-up and beauty led her to set up her own salon in Dadar where she is fast gaining an increasing clientele for providing them with customised haircuts to best suit their personalities and style. PT Special Correspondent, Delaveen Tarapore, speaks with Bianca…

logo copyPT: How would you describe yourself?
Bianca: I am a young, dynamic girl who has her priorities set and I work towards adjusting my strengths and abilities to achieving those goals. I’ve always been open to learning new things, and that further fuelled my passion for creativity. As a hair stylist and make-up professional, I started off byequipping myself with the right professional training for tresses and cosmetic aspect of beauty.

PT: What got you to start your own salon?
Bianca: After my training, I picked up a job with a salon. The experience helped me realize my true potential and the constant encouragement and constructive feedbacks from my clients, ultimately inspired me to set up my own salon. ‘The Hair Story’ is a name that struck me instantly and I immediately related to it, as I believe that a hairstyle can affect a person’s entire personality and isn’t just a mere haircut!

bianca dresserIMG_5560PT: What services do you render professionally?
Bianca: I provide my clients a holistic make over, which includes hair, makeup, skin and other beauty treatments. I also lend my expertise for modelling and bridal shoots pan-India. I intend to make ‘The Hair Story’ a brand that stands for quality, hospitality and most importantly, value for money.

PT: What do you do differently from the rest? What’s your USP?
Bianca: My main USP lies in offering my customers classic level hairstyling, with varied styles of make-up that I accomplish with latest technologies, like an ‘airbrush’.

What’s the best compliment you’ve received so far?
Bianca: I’ve had clients asking me to open more branches – this to me is a very precious compliment. Hence, my future goals revolve around keeping myself updated with the latest trends and establishing more outlets.

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