The Styling Of Your Shirt Collar

The collar of your shirt frames your face, especially when you wear a tie. Are you choosing the right style of collar that will best compliment your face? The following are three vital tips, based on your face-structure, that will help select the apt collar for you, especially during those formal occasions which call for a tie:kaizad wadia

1. If your face-type is round or you possess a proud, broad face, then you should choose the ‘Classic Collar’. In this style, the spread between your collar points is reduced hence lending your face a more angular appearance.

2. If your face-type is square or you possess a strong jaw line, then you should choose the ‘Cut Away Collar’. In this style, the spread is prominent, providing a more balance appearance.

3. If you possess a chubby chin, then you should choose the ‘Classic Collar with Higher Collar Stand. This style will not only lend a more sharper/angular appearance to the face, the higher collar stand will conceal the chubby chin.

As for what is the appropriate collar style to wear, when you don’t need to button up your collar or wear a tie, you could experiment with any collar style. However what you need to keep in mind is that when you leave your collar unbuttoned, ensure that your collar does not droop or flop down, as that gives you a shabby appearance and draws attention to the drooping collar, rather than to your face.

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