WZCC (Pune) Celebrates Entrepreneurship

The Pune Chapter of the World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce (WZCC) got together for an interactive, informative and enterprising evening at Poona Club on 1st July, 2016. WZCC Vice Chairman, Khushru Minocherhomji inaugurated the function, followed by Chairperson, Mahrukh Bharucha speaking about the success of the International Everlasting Flame, a Zoroastrian Exhibition in Delhi, wherein WZCC member and local calligraphist Perin Pudumjee Coyaji’s artefacts were presented as gifts to visiting dignitaries.

Secretary, Naazneen Boocha Kothavala, introduced entrepreneur and owner of ‘Imperial Bakery’, Farokh Irani, who spoke about his journey from a press photographer to heading his father’s bakery and turning it into a confectionary outlet, renowned for its delectable brownies. The bakery’s success encouraged Farokh to expand into international quality American-style donuts. In 2008, he started Donut Magic, originally called Donut King, and today has half a dozen branches in Pune and plans to franchise beyond the city. “To be a successful entrepreneur you have to be passionate about your idea, willing to give it your all, relentless enough to cope with failure and flexible enough to change”, said Irani. The event moved on with a question-answer round on mentorship and business expansion, along with Porus Dadachanji handing over a token of appreciation to Irani and concluded with a vote of thanks by Umeed Kothavala, followed by cocktails and dinner.


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