For Our Survival…

Dear Editor,

On reading your letters, I agree to this point of focusing on Revival For Our Survival.But, I also believe that the traditionals and neo-Zoros will never see eye to eye, rather will refuse to see others’ point. I think, best would be to part gracefully and achieve the aim we are looking forward to. As you will agree, we wish to multiply too but by marrying a humdin early and having 3 children, who would follow the tenets.

Whereas, the other school of thought is just to increase the numbers which according to me, is of no use. What if there were 5 million so called Zarthostis, who did not know how to even correctly perform their Kusti, leave aside knowing other details. In my opinion we urgently need to collect a corpus to help Parsi parents who are ready to have a 2nd and 3rd child, so that they can educate them well and bring them up as good Zarathostis.

Provide homes not after 5-7 years, but within a year to eligible couples. Teach parents, grand- parents and children about our religion, its tenets and Parsipanu. Our rich culture needs to be promoted, not sidelined or ridiculed. Parsi schools should cooperate by finishing exams before Muktad, give holidays during Gathas, and have classes on our religion.

Admission to schools without donations should be the norm. GOI can make these exceptions.
Maternity benefits like leave and payments for 3rd child should be permitted through GOIs directive in GOI, PSU orprivate (like Jiyo Parsi). Leave Travel subsidies or free tickets for the 3rd child should be made available.

There are so many more things we can do, provided we wish to do so. May wisdom prevail. Aedoon Baad.

Armin Dutia Motashaw.

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