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Anahita SubedarThe week started off on a bit of a somber note with the Indian Census showing a frightful 18% decline in the Parsi population, “from 69,401 we are now 57,000 only” writes Dr. Shernaz Cama, Director of the UNESCO PARZOR Project. With over 80% of all Parsis living in Mumbai, it is here that we need to focus most of our efforts in ensuring the revival of our numbers for the very survival of our unique community. ‘Jiyo Parsi’ has been at the forefront of this noble effort and it has our community’s gratitude and support, but real success in this venture calls for greater youth involvement.

There can be no greater catalyst than the youth to take this forward in the right direction. We are blessed with some concerned and intelligent youths in our community whose enthusiasm, vision and dedication could serve Jiyo Parsi and other such groups well in this endeavor. In fact, what would truly resuscitate our battle-of-numbers, that seems to be going alarmingly downhill, is the coming together of our Community’s more experienced, adult visionaries and the sharp-thinking and the ‘with-it’ youth, to team up and brainstorm collectively for solutions. This would lead to a more holistic and fruitful effort in resolving our numbers’ predicament by bringing in the best of both worlds – experience, acumen and dynamism – to conquer the issue. As always, Parsi Times will extend complete media and strategic support to all who work towards this cause and the betterment of our Community.

The week also saw an interesting turn of events where the actions of those who had wronged our community, are soon catching up with them – the phrase, ‘you can run but you can’t hide’ comes to mind. We are slowly but surely headed towards better times under the vigil of the fine Board of caretakers that we elected – if only those ill-meaning, outside elements would quit wrongly butting into matters and focus their destructive energy elsewhere, good things would speed up!

And speaking of good things, we bring our patrons of Parsi Times a brand new look with our revamped website so you can check out our latest articles or recall our updated archives.
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