Navroze Contest Winning Entries

Parsi Times thanks all our readers for sending in all your fabulous greetings. It was truly a difficult task choosing only a handful to fit in the limited space. Hearty Congratulations to all our talented readers who sent in some amazing messages. The following are our top 6 winners and other entries which surely deserved a mention! Navroze Mubarak to all!

Winner: Meher Sutaria
The holy days of Muktad are here
A time to remember and welcome the dear
Fravashis and all noble souls, of the departed
With whom we had once, sorrowfully parted.
We welcome them and seek their blessing
We want them to know that we are expressing
Our profoundest love which will never abate
For their arrival, we eagerly wait.
On Pateti, the day of sincere repentance
We renew our faith with much resplendence
The following day is the day to rejoice
When we wish each other with mirth and joy.
NAVROZE MUBARAK! The community celebrates
Going to the Agiyari is a welcome mandate
Put on your best clothes, have authentic Parsi food
Wind up the day with a Parsi naatak
It makes one feel good.

Winner: Perin Aspy Unwalla
Soli, feelee, jamsu , come…
There’s sev and ravo – please have some!
Toran, divo, chalk all done.
Now to get ready for loads of fun!
All dressed to the ‘t’,
Off we go to agiary.
Friends we meet “Sal Mubarak” we greet,
We share wonderful treats!
Tarey limacchi and salimurghi,
Dhandaar with a big dollop of ghee!
Rest a wee bit,
Try a blouse that fits!
For the “natak” we dress to kill!
Watching “aapra” bawas is such a thrill!
Raat nu jamvanoo toh hotel maa
Big gang saathey buffet khaawa
Day well spent, tummy well fed.
Late night over…off to bed!

Winner: Roshan Dastoor
Hormazd Roj, Fravardin Mahino,
is a day to celebrate every year
As it is a phenomenon, one of its kind… the Parsi New Year!!!
Chalk-toran, visiting the fire temple, meeting our kith and kin
The day is incomplete without ‘sojju bhonu’, ‘bawa naataks’,
‘whisky’, ‘rum’ and ‘gin’
New Year is the time to resolve, to reflect, to deflect
To spread peace and joy, detox all ‘ills’, all evil to eject
Pioneers, trailblazers, in all walks of life
Let’s raise a toast to ourselves, let’s celebrate life
May our community, however miniscule and small,
ever grow in ‘virtues’
May we ever stand herculean and tall,
and respect our ancestral ‘values’.
Bestu SAAL sahunay MUBAARAK
– may AHURA MAZDA bless us all

Winner: Karishma M. Baria
Night brings quietude
Night jasmine whisper sweetly
Thank yous to last year –
Liquid trills of nightingale
Ending in a crescendo
Time waits suspended
Aurora walks quietly
Hope rubs its eyes – smiles –
Dawn of a new beginning
Sunrays spread – fingers of love!
Happy New Year to All!!

Winner: Percy Hirji Elavia
The monsoon is all hunky-dory,
Peacocks dancing in their full glory,
In breathtaking rainbow colours looking so divine,
Signaling tremendous joy for all mankind,
To commence celebrations with cheers of new beginnings in life.
Let us all unitedly pray for unprecedented peace and
prosperity for our dear community.
Hope the Parsi youth make this nation extremely proud,
Continuing the legacy and extending the
footprints of our forefathers,
And proving the words of the Father of our
Nation right – “In numbers, Parsis are beneath contempt,
but in contribution beyond compare”.
With the good news of unison between
Jam-e-Jamshed and Parsi Times bringing happiness galore,
May this Parsi New Year bring plenty of more reasons to
celebrate for one and all!

Winner: Minoo Tarapore

જીવનભર રહેજો, આશકીમાં સદા તમો

મેલ રાખી, સર્વ સાથ, ખુશી ખુશી સંસારમાં

લાવશોના, અંધકાર નફરતનો, માજદીયસ્ની દીનમાં

સફળ થાય નેક મુરાદો, દીલની ને રહેજો જિંદગી તનદોરસ્તી ભરી

કરી કામ નેકીના, સાથ સેવાઓ કોમની

રાખી ઝબાં પર ખુદાનું નામ, કરજો, દાન, ખૈરાત તમો

જીવનમાં ભલે હોય, ખુશી કે ગમ, આધિન રહેજો ખુદાની ઈચ્છાઓની

કરસો ન ભુલ કદી તમો, ઈબાદત ને યાદ કરવા ખુદાની

જીવનમાં મળશે તમોને આનંદ હી આનંદ યહાં

આમાદા રહેજો, હરપળ, સેવાઓ કરવા ભારત માતાની

આમીન આમીન…

By Farzana B. Mistry
Parsi-o-nu Navu Varas Gaaje;
Chaalo Aapre Geet Gaaiye;
Mubarak Ho Jo Savne;
Khaani-Peeni Sav Karjo!
Papeta-ma-murghi, Pulao-dal ne macchi;
Parsi Peg Badha Peejo!
Nava Kapda Pehri Farjo;
Aatash ne Sav Jai Namjo;
Ha Ha Ha Khub Khub Mauj Maaja Karjo!
Happy New Year to the Bawa Clan!!
By Bakhtawar R. Appoo
Let’s Commemorate Roj Hormazd, Mah Fravardin
As Y.Z. 1386 with open arms
With visits to Fire Temples for blessings
And Clemency in our hearts
Determine to walk the path of Righteousness
Spread love, joy, peace & kindness
Let it pour cats & dogs
But the fervour of festivity goes on
Wine & Dine is the hour of the day
With bulging pockets to pay
I thank thy nature for its abundance in life
Beaming liveliness on the faces of the deprived
Unity is the call of the nature
Stand cohesive irrespective of stature
Let Manashni Gavashni Kuneshini be the precept of our pace
For the advancement of our race.

By Shernaz Irani
Saal Mubarak to all Mazdayasnis.
Enjoy Sali boti and Patra ni machi.
Pray for our Manashni Gavashni Kunashni and TANDOORASTI
And never ever forget our sacred SADRA and KUSHTI

By Firoz Batliwalla
Today is the day
which makes me proud to say
“thati’m a BAWA & will always stay”..
I’ll always be funny
And make a lot of money
And be the best in life every way
I always love to eat & always learn to share
With people who are poor and can’t afford their share
I love to be generous & i like to be helpful
As GOD made me a BAWA for which i’m always THANKFUL!
I’m very happy today as NEW YEAR is on its way
To mark a new beginning for every single day!
Wishing All A Very Happy & Prosperous New Year

By Afried Dastur
To every girl and boy,
If from three ships-full, to over a lakh we could multiply
Then suddenly, to have babies, why are we worried or shy?
Kids are our priority; to have many, we must endeavor and try.
This Navroze, let us all a fresh new beginning make.
Let’s gift the community some babies for Ahura’s sake.
To survive and multiply, an oath let us all today take.
Our current attitude is like a deadly disease.
Our “Bawa” production, we must right away increase.
If we don’t this do urgently, soon we will cease.
Young ones, the responsibility now lies on your shoulders strong.
Please do take steps quick, before things go absolutely wrong
Pleasepleaseplease hear the warning sounds of the gong.


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