New Year MakeOver Special With Arshis

Make-Up Artist Extraordinaire, Arshis Javeri, waves his magical wand for Parsi Times’ Special Issue and performs his Magical Makeovers to transform the splendid ‘Mother-and-Daughter’ duo – Reanna and Jaszmine Palia – from beautiful to stunning! We bring you the first-hand account from PT’s very own ‘Makeover Midas’, Arshis…


I’ve always believed that women are more advanced and powerful than men. Not being sexist – I truly believe that women, now and since forever, are way stronger, and if put to the test, can move mountains! Having stated this, my pick for PT’s Special Issue needed to be someone who is a pillar of strength, a powerhouse of grace and an inspiration to every person who knows her.



Reanna Palia is the proud daughter of Jaszmine Palia from Cusrow Baug, whose note to us, was not for a makeover for herself but for her mom, Jaszmine. She said her mom has always put the needs of others before herself and that she always took initiative for various social causes. Jaszmine has been a successful professional and a wildlife activist for years. But what set her apart from others is that she did all this as an independent, single parent. As a mother, friend, philosopher and guide, she is truly a jewel in the crown of womanhood.

Considering it was the special feature for Navroze, I decided to double the excitement and do a ‘Double Dose Makeover’ for the mom and daughter duo. Jaszmine had no idea what she was in for. When we told her she couldn’t stop smiling. But that smile doubled up when she saw her little lass turn into a fine looking lady, alongside. The mother-daughter chemistry was outstanding – it was like working with soul twins with the same values but different ages.
I decided to do a traditional quintessential look for both, but obviously with a few tweaks to compliment their individual style. Sanaea and I started with Rianna’s makeup while Avan got going with Jaszmine’s hair. Rianna is a young vibrant girl who will soon be in high school and is set to follow the footsteps of her mom with her own USP. After prepping and working a wave contour technique on her face, I did her eyes up in a soft shade of coral-pink. The highlight was the added hint of lashes to her eyes!

Avan soon got on with Rianna’s beautiful long hair, while Sanaea prepped and hydrated Jaszmine’s face. After a little colour correction and a foundation, I dolled up her eyes with the same hues as her daughter, keeping in mind the quintessential theme. I draped on a ‘beautiful lightly worked on gara’ on Jaszmine, and for Rianna I chose a beautiful lace dress that complimented her vibe. After a few light pieces of jewelry and accessories, the ladies were let to see themselves in the mirror. Now that’s the best part of the makeover always. Yay!

With Navroze being the occasion, what better location than our Agiary! We rushed to Dadar Parsi Colony’s Agiary and got a few great shots of the mother and daughter clicked by the proficient Rehan in the lush green compound.
This was truly one of the most fun makeovers I have done and it was absolutely awesome having such positive energy flowing through the process. It’s great to meet such inspirational people who make life worth every moment spent. We hope you have enjoyed the makeover as much as we enjoyed working on it. So keep your pictures and stories flowing in and help me make you look hotter than ever, with a ‘PT Makeovers’ in the coming New Year.

Navroze Mubarak!


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