Premature Deaths Due To Pollution

Dear Editor,

The Times Of India Dt. 28-6-2016 says 1.6 m persons lose their life prematurely every year. This figure is several times higher than persons who lose their life prematurely due to accidents, suicides, murders, terrorists attack, etc. Very soon pollution will be a No. 1 killer in India, compared to heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, etc. Manufacturers of inhalers, nebulizers, domestic oxygen devices and now room air cleaners, are doing roaring business. This is because day by day concrete jungles touching the sky are mushrooming and the green cover is systematically destroyed in the name of development.

Developed countries have one to five trees per person and India has one tree for ten persons, against a requirement of one tree for five persons. However it was heartening to read in Parsi Times dt. 16-6-2016 that Sakerbai Petit Hospital for animals at Parel has planted seventy more trees in their compound which is already green and PT dt. 16-7-2016 saying that Gamadia Colony at Tardeo has planted forty trees in their compound having limited space. More of our Parsi Colonys and Baugs should follow their example.

Just as a thermometer indicates body temperature, three ball spirometer devices indicate lung function and are available in the market for Rs. 500/-. I have one such device, which I have used on a few youngsters below thirty in a colony where I stay, and the results are not very encouraging. Hence this article.

Savak Balsara

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