Rainbow Romance

pic 1 copyAfter every stormy and rainy day, the one thing that helps brighten up any mood is the rainbow. Inspired by the polychromatic palate, I decided to figure out how to sport the rainbow trend. As a makeup, hair artist and lifestyle stylist, I’m seeing more and more spaces looking for colour. Perhaps the prevalence of multi-color in our culture can be attributed to the fun side of Bawas. This trend from rich brilliant shades to pastel tones is extending far beyond nuptials, to home furnishings, electronics, apparel as well as to colorful hair and makeup – be it a dress, a jacket, a bag or a pair of shoes or a makeup look or different nail tips or even if you simply want to colour-block your entire look with elements of the seven shades. The important thing is to choose your colors from yellow to violet. In 2016, no one was able to resist the multicolor curve.

For the last few years, runways have shown us that wedding dress designers like Oscar de la Renta, Manish Arora, Cristian Dior are designing in color. The multi-color palette is an increasingly popular way to add a personal, meaningful and beautiful touch to your wardrobe.

So here are a few tips to bring out the multi-colour feel into your life, without taking it out of proportion:

pic 2 copyGarments: Add colour to your daily wear. If you wear something boring to sleep, exchange it for something bright and vibrant in bed. There are many bright night suits available all the way from the streets of Bandra and Colaba, to the malls all over the city. If you don’t fancy a multi-colour top or bottom, Colour-Block! Mix and match solid shade garments and put together an ensemble for the day. It’s a perfect choice for Saturday (half days), followed by lunch and movies.

Accessories: This is the easiest way to incorporate bright shots in your basic wear. Add elements inspired by the rainbow, at least once a week as it brings out the fun and vibrant side of you. There are a number of options – ladies can choose from bags, shoes, jewelry, scarves and a lot more. For men, experiment with a pair of cufflinks, an interesting belt or a set of rainbow laces teamed with a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt.

Fitness Mantra: The one place to swear by colours is in the gym. Do you know bright colours have a tendency to enhance your mood and make you feel energized? Lift your energy with some bright fitness wear, like bright shorts, sports bra, T-shirts, rainbow shoes and even headphones. Nike’s full range of rainbow inspired sportswear that can paint the mood VIBGYOR.

Eat The Rainbow: Food is a fun way to bring colour into your life. The market today offers a variety of foods from colorful salads to deserts. Add a delicious rainbow candy bar! Mouth-watering eye-candy in the form of cup cakes, cookies, and homemade chocolates have become a trend. I still love the rainbow lollypops. It doesn’t have to be all unhealthy, it’s great how the nutritional salads have the most gorgeous natural colours. It’s time to paint your palate flamboyant!

So step out and find your perfect shade of rainbow that inspires your mood!

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