How To Remember Names And Faces

Remembering names and faces is of great value for all but a big challenge for most – leading to embarrassment when you forget! In recognizing faces, it is important to sharpen your observation. When you meet a new person, observe the face and the entire appearance closely, noticing in particular the eyes, nose, mouth and hair. Also try to find an unusual feature, whether ears, hairline, forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, complexion, etc.

Here are a few ways to remember faces and names:

Four Ways To Remember faces:

1. Visualization and Association Method: Think of a picture to go with a name. For instance, break down the concept or name into pieces and make a picture story in your head. Eg. if you’re trying to remember the name of the first president of the United States, which was ‘Washington’, think of someone washing a ton of laundry. You’ve broken down the name and when the picture comes to your mind, make the association to the name.

2. Look for bold features in a face: Make note of a particularly unusual features in a person’s face you meet for the first time. While they may remind you of someone else you have met, that distinctive feature, like a big nose, glasses, or unusual eye color, will remind your brain into the difference and help you recall.

3. Try a different time of day: The time of day makes a difference in attempts to remember. Afternoon appears to be best for most people.

4. Add A Description: Nurture the ability to describe a person in their absence. Start by describing somebody you know very well; then recall the appearance of a person you have met several times. Finally, try to describe someone who has been just introduced to you.

Seven Ways To Remember Names:
1) Hear the name clearly. Ask again if it sounds ambiguous.
2) Repeat the name immediately after the introduction.
3) Associate the name with a meaning? If not, find an appropriate substitute.
4) Repeat the name several times.
5) Write the name down.
6) Concentrate on names as lack of attention is the main reason we forget names.
7) Pay attention when being introduced – it takes 8 seconds of focus to implant information into our memory.

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