Ruby Rules!

Dear Editor,

Your star-writer Miss Ruby Lilaowala is a jewel in the crown of Parsi Times. I’ve been her fan since donkey’s years since she writes so very beautifully on any and every topic under the sun. Today she took me down memory lane to my childhood with her most brilliant take on my favourites Laurel and Hardy. Ruby gave us so many unknown facts regarding this duo.

About 15 years ago, she wrote a column in Blitz newspaper called Hollywood Hangama and I was amazed at her knowledge and research. Then again in Afternoon Despatch and Courier, she profiled old Hollywood personalities which was a number one column in the good old days of Editor Behram Contractor. Both were superb columns enjoyed by Parsis since we have all grown up on Hollywood films.

I humbly request Ruby Lilaowala to start a similar column on Hollywood’s actors and actresses of the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s era for oldie-goldie senior citizen readers of Parsi Times. It will make for great reading singe she researches her topics very well and her language is so lucid. She could publish old photographs of the actor/actress she is profiling for enhanced viewing pleasure.

Forget her MeherbaisMasti for a while and let’s have Hollywood of the vintage era and the wonderful actors / actresses of those days. Today’s Hollywood is degenerated to say the least.

Jeroo Rustom Mistry

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