Saal Mubarak From Bollywood

“I love your religion. I’ve read about it and have tried to understand it. Yours is the only religion which is eco-friendly. Also, to accumulate wealth is fine, but I have observed that your community spends it wisely and uses it to help people, which is even better. Recently when the Parsees of New York and New Jersey presented me with the Asho Farohar, the priest there mistakenly called me “Sanjay Kumar”!… And he refused to leave until he met me and apologized personally! The respect Parsees give others is unbelievable. I would like to wish all your readers a very happy and prosperous Parsee New Year!!”
–    Akshay Kumar

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“Here’s wishing all Parsis a very Happy and Prosperous New Year! Lots of love and happiness!”
–    Salman Khan

“Sal Mubarak to all my beloved Parsi pals! I’m delighted to have a large number of Parsi friends and they always tell me I’m more Parsi than them. I want to thank you all for making me an ‘Honorary Parsi’!”
-‘Aapri Rani’ Sabira Merchant

“It really means a lot to me to be able to wish all my Parsi friends and fans via Parsi Times. So many of my bestest and closest friends are Parsis – I share an extremely special bond with them – they’re like family to me! Here’s wishing all Parsis a warm and cheerful Navroz Mubarak! I’m eagerly awaiting the New Year ‘bhonu’!”
–    Malaika Arora Khan

“We are a blessed little tribe aren’t we? Cheerful, respected, loved, fun loving, sporting, professional and industrious! To the youngsters I say, protect, preserve and perpetuate this reputation. To the rest – keep guiding the youngsters. No better time to say this than on Parsi New Year. Festivals do bring out the best in us. Happy New Year to you all! May our tribe increase!”
–       Boman Irani

“I wish all my dear Parsee brethren a very Happy, Joyous and Prosperous Parsee New Year, and the best in the years to come. Although in terms of numbers you may be a small community, but you are the most industrious, known for your integrity and honesty.”
–    Shyam Benegal, Internationally acclaimed filmmaker and Dadasaheb Phalke Award recipient

“Wish all my Parsi brethren a very Happy New Year! Have a great one! Would love to dig into the yummy food too but I’m shooting in Hyderabad. Have a blast! God Bless and lots of love!”
–    Arbaaz Khan

“In 1937 – when I was a young lad of 5 – my family came to live in a beautiful house in a lane near Kemp’s Corner in Bombay. The nine buildings in that lane were almost entirely inhabited by wonderful Parsis – and the inhabitants became just like my own family. We visited each other all the time without formality, and I even learnt to speak in their sweet and amusing Anglo-Gujarati lingo! Even as I grew, the ‘ghana majena Parsiyo’ in my lane, school and elsewhere started playing import parts in my life – and I’d like to mention just three of the great ones that strongly influenced my life:

  1. Adi Marzban: I had the great honour of getting close to this humorous genius through stage plays. He directed me for many award-winning English plays when I was studying at St. Xavier’s College – and I even acted in some of his Parsi-Gujarati plays! For characterization, stage movement and interaction, he was undoubtedly one of India’s greatest directors, and hundreds of actors were fine-honed by him.
  2. Amy Moos: She was my neighbour and teacher, and became almost like my aunt. She had played a great but hidden role in the underground August Kranti Movement of 1942 – and it was at her flat that two top underground leaders – Aruna Asaf Ali and Achyut Patwardhan– used to come and hide on many days and nights, and quietly come to our flat for their meals!
  3. Dady Engineer: He lived opposite my lane, and become my closest buddy in college – we used to go jogging together to Worli at 5 am every morning. Dady later become one of the most successful legal luminaries of Bombay.

But these were just the famous ones I knew – Parsis have always been leaders in many fields in India, and their statues still adorn many important streets in Bombay. And in the business field, too, Parsis have always been great leaders. Two great houses, of TATA and GODREJ, are even today great names in the business world.

I bow to all these great Parsis, and wish them all with the two words reverberating everywhere – Navroz Mubarak!!”
–    Ameen Sayani, Voice of the Nation, Presenter of Binaca Geetmala

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