Shehrevar Ameshaspand, Auspicious Bestower Of Gifts To Mankind

Our prayers are a storehouse of omnipotent energies. Each day of the Shahenshahi calendar is named after an angel and today is Shehrevar Roj, dedicated to Shehrevar Ameshaspand. The Shehrevar Ameshaspand Setayash, a prayer which praises Him, has countless benefits. PT Reporter Jamshed Arjani discusses this prayer with Ervad Pervez Karanjia, Panthaky of Sodawaterwala Agiary at Marine Lines.

PT: What is the difference between Yazads and Ameshaspands?
Er. Karanjia: When Dadar Ahura Mazda created the universe and human beings, He also created divine angels, segregated into Yazads and Ameshaspands. Through prayer, we can invoke and receive the help of Yazads to fulfil our wishes and Ameshaspands aid us in our physical, intellectual and spiritual progress.

PT: Tell us about Shehrevar Ameshaspand and the prayer ‘Shehrevar Ameshaspand Ni Setayash’.
Er. Karanjia: The word ‘Shehrevar’, meaning ‘divine kingdom’, is derived from the word ‘Kshatrivar’ in the Pahalvi language and ‘Khshathra Vairya’ in the Avesta language. ‘Shehrevar Ameshaspand’ means protector of the seven layers under the surface of the earth. Ahura Mazda entrusted Shehrevar Ameshaspand with the responsibility of looking after all the metals, minerals, precious stones and tending to the righteous and progressive needs of the people. He has also been entrusted to protect the sky. Hence, He has always been venerated by kings and rulers, the common people and priests almost since our religion was practiced by the very first practitioners in ancient Iran. Shehrevar Ameshaspand also strengthens our determination to support the right causes and be firm about our convictions. He is always eager to help diligent and productive people but He doesn’t like slothful and idle people who take everything and everyone for granted, including God.

Today too, He is considered as the most auspicious Ameshaspand because of His myriad efforts to gift us the treasures of the Minoi Shakti (spiritual world) and the Khaki Duniya (the material world), not only materialistic possessions but also the gifts of wisdom, good health, prosperity, blessings and knowledge. For this reason, an entire month in the Shahenshahi calendar, Shehrevar Mahino, is dedicated to Him. Shehrevar Roj in each month and the entire Shehrevar month are considered as most auspicious for purchasing utensils, religious implements, metal items, trading in metals as well as doing charity, gifting even a utensil to a person who has none. It is also believed that a child born on Shehrevar Roj will enjoy good fortune and nobility throughout life. It is as imperative to pray the Setayash of Shehrevar Ameshaspand daily as consuming meals.

‘Setayash’ is derived from the word ‘Satudan’, meaning praise in the Pahlavi language. The Setayash praising Shehrevar Ameshaspand was first revealed by Dastooran-e-Dastoor Raenidar Adarbad Marespand in ancient Iran; and in the last century our Late Dasturji Jamshedji Kukadaru Saheb also strongly recommended that we should pray the Shehrevar Ameshaspand Setayash after our daily prayers. The Setayash of Shehrevar Ameshaspand is printed in the full Khordeh Avesta, in the book of Efficacious Nirangs (penned by late Nosherwan Panthaky, ex-principal of Dadar Athornan Institute) and in small prayer booklets.

PT: Why should we pray the Setayash of Shehrevar Ameshaspand only after our daily prayers?
Er. Karanjia: One reason is that the prayer is in Pazand language. The second reason is that any Setayash is not a substitute for the prayers in the Khordeh Avesta. The Setayash is an auxiliary prayer, complementing the prayers of the Avesta.

PT: Who are the Hamkars of Shehrevar Ameshaspand?
Er. Karanjia: The Hamkars (co-workers) of Shehrevar Ameshaspand are Khorshed Yazad, Meher Yazad, Mino Aasman Yazad and Mino Aneran Yazad. We must always remember that the blessings gifted to us by Dadar Ahura Mazda, enables us to protect material and spiritual environments too and only by staunchly practicing the Mazdayasni Zarthushti religion can we be assured that the powers of Yazads and Ameshaspands will protect and aid us always.

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