ZTFI Celebrates New Year At Parukh Dharamshala

Parukh Pic 1 copyTeam ZTFI (Zoroastrian Trust Funds of India) celebrated Parsi New Year with the residents at Parukh Dharamshala (Mumbai) on the 15th of August 2016, with over 75 senior citizens who had a fun time at the event. ZTFI Trustee Yasmin Jal Mistry started off with greetings, and handed sweets and gifts to all the residents, helped by her team. In a touching gesture, they personally went around greeting the residents, who were unable to attend the gathering, by going to their bed-sides, floor-to-floor. It was an enjoyable event with many showcasing their talents by singing and an 80-year-old lady also proudly displayed her lovely cross-stitched canvas ware. The benefactors praised and blessed team ZTFI for the beautiful gesture.

ZTFI pic 2 copyZTFI appreciates the Ladies Committee of Parukh Dharamshala and their Chairperson Arnavaz Jal Mistry for enabling the New Year festivity. In addition, Managing Committee members Vistasp Mehta, Aspi Tantra, Naval Surti and Kerfegar Eduljee contributed to the success of this delightful senior citizens event.

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